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For Tuesday June 21

Posted 6/17/2016 11:51am by Emily Best.

Summer is (just about) here and so is summer squash! We are especially seeing lots of raven and green zucchinis, but the other varieties are slowly but surely getting ready for harvest.   We are also hearing that GREEN BEANS are just about ready to be harvested, so keep an eye out for those soon. We’ve lowered the price on basil and tomatoes as those items are increasing in availability.   I had an amazing dinner last night with produce from New Morning Farm – first course: summer squash, a handful of green beans, and garlic scapes, sautéed in olive oil, with a dash of salt. Second course: thickly sliced red tomatoes, torn up basil, and sliced mozzarella, heavy on the black pepper. It is truly a GIFT to be able to eat produce so fresh and delicious!  


BABY CARROTS WITH TOPS! We got in a few of these for today’s deliveries and are expecting to see more for Tuesday and into the next few weeks! These carrots should be super sweet and tender. We’re getting in more orange carrots, but also a few cases of mixed (rainbow) color carrots. These have big beautiful tops, and remember the tops are edible, too!  

TOMATOES: The price keeps coming down as Daniel from Sunny Ridge sends us more and more hothouse tomatoes. It’ll still be a few weeks before we move into field tomatoes, but these are super flavorful and becoming more affordable.  

DANDELION GREENS: Mark Stanley at Help from Above Farm has an abundance of dandelion greens. These bitters greens would be great with some garlic scapes, lemon, and olive oil.

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