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For Tuesday June 28

Posted 6/24/2016 11:04am by Emily Best.

Lots more product is coming in. We may not have new potatoes available for Tuesday delivery but we do expect to see more for Friday. We’re starting to see bulk carrots and beets, and we are just swimming in zucchini (as are most farmers in the region)! Lots of Napa cabbage about to come in, more cucumbers, and sugar snaps are still going. More sweet and red onions on their way in, too.  

We’re in between berry seasons – hoping for black raspberries to ripen here in a quick minute so keep an eye out for them in the next week or so.        


Baby Carrots with Tops: These beautiful bunches are full of carrot-y goodness, from the root to the leave tip! We’ve got orange bunches or mixed “rainbow” bunches, and the carrots are getting a little bigger each week.  

Fresh Bunching Onions: We’re getting the  majority of these onions from Landisdale Farm, and they’re sending us a few varieties. The Candy and the Walla Walla are both sweet onions, and at this stage, similar in appearance and flavor (delicious either way!). We’ve also got red bunching onions, round and torpedo varieties, plus a few cases of baby bunched onions.  

Diva Cucumbers: Still going! AND with a NEW LOW PRICE!  

Chard, all colors: Tis the season for chard! Rainbow, red, green…we’ve got it! Let’s move it!

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