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For Tuesday May 17

Posted 5/13/2016 11:38am by Emily Best.

Yesterday, for a brief moment, the sun came out! Natalie and I both went for short walks up the lane and I couldn’t resist taking a quick snapshot of that beautiful sky. Of course, today is dark, dreary and wet again.

We did some comparison to last year and we are definitely behind with many items, especially bunched greens and asparagus. We’re doing our best with what’s coming in. You’ll notice that asparagus isn’t even on the list! Sad!

We do have a lot of rhubarb though—seems to be the only item really thriving in this rain forest weather!  

TEMPERATE RAIN FOREST HIGHLIGHTS: RHUBARB: Yes, it’s on the highlights again, because we are seeing SO MUCH of it being offered and we really want to help out our growers! The price has dropped a bit so take advantage and get some tangy flavors in your life!

BABY GREENS: Arugula, baby mesclun, and baby sweet and spicy: all loving this weather.

SPRING ONIONS: We’ve got white scallions, red scallions, and some “baby red onions with tops.” The baby red onions are like a super fat scallion. They were overwintered at Greenbriar Farm—I saw a sample case yesterday and they smelled AMAZING.

EASTER EGG RADISHES: Growers Lydia and Joe Zook at Country View Farm are just about to flood the market with some little jewels in the form of Easter Egg Radishes. Looking for some great sales here! The radish tops didn’t hold up in this weather so the radishes are coming in 3 lb bulk cases. Get them while you can!

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