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For Tuesday Nov 1

Posted 10/28/2016 12:07pm by Emily Best.

Last night was Trick or Treat in my town, so I rushed home from work and got out the candy stash. As a new homeowner, I’ve never actually been the one to hand out candy before and made a key amateur mistake: letting the kids pick out their own candy (some grabbed HANDFULS!!). But I learned fast and became stingy, just giving out one or two pieces tops. I noticed lots of kids dressed as Mario and Luigi..throwback costumes? One little girl was dressed as a Pokemon Go character, which she told me when I asked (I thought she was just a fox?).  

Anyway…we’ve reached peak fall – it’s almost November and we’ve filled our coolers with lots of winter squash and potatoes.  Please let us know if you are planning to place large orders of any items for Thanksgiving – Natalie is working on special pricing.  


CARNIVAL SQUASH:  Averaging a little over 1 lb, these beauties are a hybrid of acorn and sweet dumplings –perfect for single servings. And so cute and colorful!!  

TENDER YOUNG SPINACH: We’re finally seeing some spinach come in! Our tender young spinach is great for fresh eating or cooking.  

CELERIAC: We’re getting celeriac from a couple growers and one of them, New Morning Farm, had a big harvest this week. We’ll have this flavorful root veg all season long, as long as it lasts. Great for purees, soups, or roasts.

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