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For Tuesday Oct 11

Posted 10/7/2016 12:10pm by Emily Best.

What a busy week! I spent Wednesday morning in State College at the White House Rural Economic Forum and actually had the amazing opportunity to speak about my experience being a young farmer, living in rural America, and what cooperatives can mean for the future of agriculture and local food. Then, in the afternoon, several officials from the USDA came down to the coop to visit and present our partner, Keystone Development Center, with their new Cooperative Development Grant. It was quite an exciting day!  

Meanwhile, back in the office, we are all working hard on next year’s plans: Shelly is preparing to build our commitment chart for 2017-2018 and the growers are evaluating what they plan to grow. Shelly is being assisted this year by our new field consultant, Sarah, who is visiting each grower and helping them with new techniques and methods to improve their yields. This process will take the next several months to complete and forms the basis of our supply next year. We’re starting earlier than ever this year because we want to have the most complete, varied, and interesting product list for as many months as we can.


BABY GREENS: STILL GOING STRONG, especially on the baby mustards!!  Flexible pricing on sweet n spicy mix, baby kales, baby mustards, and wildfire mix in 5 lb cases. Contact Sales for details! Best time of year for baby greens!  

PEPPERS: We still have a nice supply of sweet and hot peppers! But they won’t last forever. The night lows are dipping into the 40s and that means only one thing, which may end our pepper season. Make hot sauce, freeze the bells, do what you can!  

DELICATA SQUASH: Lots of these delightful winter squash available. Quick to cook, tasty to eat!

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