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For Tuesday Oct 18

Posted 10/14/2016 1:52pm by Emily Best.

Imagine being a humble orange sweet potato, growing through the hot summer season. You’re harvested and then sorted into a case labeled #2 – you’re a bit on the ugly side, but still usable. You get sold to a restaurant, hoping to be put to good use (maybe some fries? Or a mash?) and then, wow. You become this beautiful sweet potato flan at Gunther & Co. in Baltimore! What a lovely surprise. We at Tuscarora love seeing where our produce ends up!  

You’ll starting seeing some new items on the list soon – now that we’ve had a couple of frosts, we’re bringing in some parsnips and rutabagas. We hope to have cauliflower soon too.  

Even though they’re off the highlight list, we still have LOTS of baby greens. Many are being offered in 5 lb cases. If you’re interested in large orders or a standard pre-order each week, please talk to us about pricing!  


FENNEL: Fall is a perfect time to integrate some fennel into your life. It thrives in these cool temperatures and shorter days, and add a little something special to the plate.  

GREEN BELLS: Getting in what might be the last burst of them. Expect peppers to start falling off the list soon.  

SHALLOTS: Our shallots aren’t what you’re used to seeing at the store, those tiny puny cloves. These are SHALLOTS, big, flavorful orbs to deepen the taste of whatever you’re making. Great addition to a market box, too.  

HERBS: Shout-out to the herbs this week. Many herbs struggle in the summer temps and now that it’s cooled off, they are growing again. Our growers are seeing large quantities of parsley and rosemary especially!

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