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For Tuesday Sept 20

Posted 9/16/2016 1:00pm by Emily Best.

Grower Craig Lembke up in NY State has alerted us that his HUGE harvest of concord grapes is almost ready to go. We are expecting 2-3 shipments of these grapes over the next several weeks, with the first arriving this THURSDAY Sept 22nd. We will initially offer these grapes in 12 x 1 qt cases, priced at $42 with a bulk discount of $40. If you are interested in very large quantities, please contact us for special pricing. We are happy to take pre-orders today!  

I’m excited to be heading down to VA and DC this weekend, first for FARMAID and then for a fun day in the district getting some good food. At FARMAID I’ll be staffing the National Young Farmers Coalition booth as well as speaking about the Good Food Economy in Appalachia, so if you plan to be there, please stop by and introduce yourself!  


CARROTS: Never the most exciting item but always a staple. We’re seeing harvests pick up, especially for our standard orange carrots. We also have lots of 2nds/juice carrots available for those of you who are processing the carrots. Our carrots are always very flavorful!  

RADISHES: Along with carrots, the radishes are ready to pick! Lots of different varieties available. Try the Red Caps by Jake Stoltzfus at Sunrise – he’s particularly proud of this crop!  

PAWPAWS: We will have a LIMITED amount of these hyperlocal fruits available – get them while you can. Don Lake is harvesting them as I write so we won’t know the final amount – first come first serve.

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