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March 11 Delivery

Posted 3/8/2016 12:07pm by Emily Best.

Have we mentioned that we have ***LOTS*** of gorgeous roots on hand, still, even though it’s early March? We applaud our farmers for their talent in growing enough of these crops so we can have a full and abundant list even this deep into the winter season. We’re also applauding today the many, many women who are involved in the local food scene in the mid-Atlantic on International Women’s Day. It seems like everywhere we go, there are dedicated, smart, and creative women rebuilding our regional food system, from farmers to market managers to small producers to chefs and business owners. And we must say, TOG is no different: we’re run by an amazing team of hardworking women!


Cabbage + Onions: back on the list but will be coming to an end once this delivery is gone…

Greens: nice variety for this week. Baby spinach is looking especially nice!

Carrots: along with our mixed color carrots, we’ve got a Purple Haze carrots back on the list.

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