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Posted 12/2/2016 11:06am by Emily Best.

This is the time of year when we start running low on some popular items. Vegetables go out of season, after all. But there are some things that are staples, which aren’t totally out of season, but just a little bit out of reach for our growers in our climate. So we start looking beyond local produce—we start looking at what is regional. Some years, we bring in cabbage and onions from Porter Farms in NY. We may have to do that this year, but we haven’t yet. We’re already bringing in potatoes from our friends at Wood Prairie Farm in Maine. And this year, we are trying something we haven’t done in many years – bringing up bunched greens (and a few cases of spring onions) from Eastern Carolina Organics, in Durham, NC. These items will be indicated on the price sheet with (NC), so you can distinguish them from any of our growers’ own produce.  

While supporting our LOCAL farmers is most important, we can’t do everything all year long - so it becomes vital to support REGIONAL agriculture. Yes, these greens traveled a bit farther than our usual produce. But the farmers in NC are good growers, serving us well. And by supporting us, and the farmers at ECO, you continue to support our cooperative and our farmers, instead of taking your dollars elsewhere (like to CA kale, for example).  As always, I’m happy to answer any questions or hear out your concerns about this product. Thank you!  


CELERIAC: I’ll probably feature this one about every two weeks, as it’s a standard item for us every fall/winter, and surprisingly versatile. I added some to mashed potatoes recently – delicious.  

BABY ROMAINE HEADS: Mark Stanley at Help From Above Farm grows these adorable lettuce heads every December – they’re only available for a short time as head lettuce doesn’t like our dark winter days.  

SPINACH: Always reliable in the winter, spinach is a great addition to our line up – our tender young and baby are both perfect for salads and more.

Posted 11/29/2016 11:41am by Emily Best.

Back in the swing of things! We’re working hard to inventory our winter products to see what’s out there. It’s looking like a thinner year than last for many root veggies, but we do have some items in large quantity to sell. Please keep us in mind if you are looking to buy celeriac, winter radishes, butternut squash, or Long Island Cheese Pumpkins in bulk. We also have a comfortable supply of Purple Top and Sweet White Turnips, Jerusalem artichokes, rutabagas, shallots, sweet potatoes, and orange carrots (#1 and juice).  

Additionally, we are seeing a large supply of HERBS, especially rosemary, cilantro, dill, and parsley. We can do these items BUNCHED or BULK.  All of these large quantity items have flexible pricing!  

BTW: we finally have some brussels sprouts. Not many. They won’t last long. Order them ASAP if you’re interested.  


SPECIALTY CABBAGE: We have a great supply this week of SAVOY and NAPA cabbage! Available for a short time only. Coming from several growers, these cabbages are a great addition to your produce line up.  

YOUNG GREEN KALE: We’re out of bunched kale this week but we do have lots of young green kale coming from Mark Stanley at Help From Above Farm!  

KOHLRABI: We have both green and purple kohlrabi available this week! I personally am a big fan of kohlrabi, especially as we get into the winter months. It’s so crunchy and juicy and flavorful. Great raw shredded into a salad, or sliced thin, lightly pickled, or roasted.

Posted 11/22/2016 11:10am by Emily Best.


This availability list is for delivery TUESDAY NOVEMBER 29th.  

Thanksgiving is always a special time for farmers in our area because it usually indicates the transition from the main growing season to the winter. And while some farmers continue to grow and market all winter long, the winter season is always much less hectic than the rest of the year.  When I was an apprentice at New Morning, I came to love the winter times because it was so special: sleeping in a little later, enjoying the sunrise and sunset, and the more languid pace of the work. I know many of our farmers are looking forward to this time of year (and many of us in the office are, too!). We all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and that you also get to enjoy some much needed rest! We will be back in action on Monday, November 28th.


CARROTS: Lots of lovely carrot roots available this time of year – maroon, purple, and deep purple are especially delightful for the plate and palate.  

REDBOR KALE: Jarrah Cernas  of Chicano Sol farm has an abundance of redbor kale to offer us this week – we won’t have bunched kale for much longer so this is a real treat!  

PURPLE KOHLRABI: Farmers Cameron and Audrey Fisher-Pedersen of Bending Bridge Farm have grown some awesome purple kohlrabi – we’re offering it in two cases sizes, 10 lb and 25 lb.

Posted 11/18/2016 10:43am by Emily Best.


Tuesday, November 22: regular delivery.


Tuesday, November 29th: regular delivery.  

Additionally, mark your calendars for the winter break:

Friday Dec 23rd: regular delivery


Friday Dec 30th and Tues Jan 3rd: regular delivery  

Now that we are into the week of Thanksgiving deliveries, I’m giving in to the fact that it’s time to start featuring the winter veggies…like rutabaga! This photo is from a farmers market last year, when we had a giant rutabaga that just wouldn’t sell. Some of our growers do have XL rutabagas to sell so if you are processing them, please keep the XLs in mind.  


SEASONAL FRUITS: We still have CRANBERRIES available!! Also: we have a small amount of ENGLISH WALNUTS in the Shell available so get those ASAP. And Citrus is back! We are getting Fall Glo Tangerines and Navel Oranges for delivery this week.  

FRESH HERBS: Lots of rosemary, parsley, and oregano available. Smaller amounts of sage.  And mixed amounts of many other herbs. Perk up your holiday meal with fresh herbs!  

DEEP PURPLE SWEET POTATOES: Imagine your favorite holiday sweet potato dish IN PURPLE! Mix it up and get some of those anthocyanins onto your table.  

SPINACH: We finally have an abundance of spinach! Both baby size and tender young cut available. I personally love spinach and am excited it’s finally back in season!

Posted 11/16/2016 1:59pm by Emily Best.

Delivery as usual Tuesday, Nov 22nd.

NO DELIVERY Friday, Nov 25th.

Resume regular schedule on Tuesday, Nov 29th. 

Posted 11/15/2016 12:51pm by Emily Best.

Natalie took this photo last week at Sunny Ridge Farm – farmer Daniel Beiler put up a HUGE high tunnel this past year for tomatoes in summer and greens in winter. The tunnel is so long that you can barely even see the end of it in this photo! Those strips of green will be the baby greens we’ll be selling in mid-winter!  

Still no sign of brussels sprouts, unfortunately. We are seeing more cauliflower coming in. Broccoli is still going strong, as are winter squash. We are getting in another load of spaghetti squash so be sure to stock up if you need it.  


CELERIAC: We’ll have this flavorful root crop all winter long but now’s a great time to start getting it into your stores and menus!  

GARLIC: Shout out to our garlic (again)! We roasted several bulbs this week to use as we wish. We seem to be out of the white garlic but the red and purple striped are in abundance!  

POBLANO PEPPERS: Yes, we still have peppers!  

MIXED COLOR CARROTS: We love this mix of colorful carrots, coming from a couple growers. Root veggies aren’t ALL white (no offense, celeriac), so get your mix on with these carrots.

Posted 11/11/2016 12:46pm by Emily Best.

Cooperatives adhere to 7 Cooperative Principles, which took root in the first modern coop founded in England in 1844. Today, I want to mull on the 7th Principle: Concern for Community. This principle states that cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities.  

One of the best parts of our coop is the diversity of our members. We may not agree on everything, but we come together in our shared values of family farms, caring for the environment, and good, healthy foods. As you may know, our members encompass many backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences: Amish, religious, non-religious, Latino, gay and straight, women-run farms, young and old.  

I hope that in the next few years, coops like ours can serve as a model for community development, tolerance, and agreement between diverse groups, as a way to come together for the benefit of us all.    


ACORN SQUASH: We won’t have this item much longer – a grower found us and offered us some, so we’ve got it on the list again! Get it while you can.  

SWEET POTATOES: So many varieties of sweet potatoes available! The classic Beauregard variety is the best known, but we also have the regionally famous White Hammon (or Hayman), as well as purple skinned Japanese or Deep Purple (all purple).  

TATERS: Lots of potatoes available. We do have some potatoes from here in PA, as well as our Maine potatoes.  Stock up before the holiday!

Posted 11/4/2016 12:48pm by Emily Best.

Happy Friday! Taking a break from our usual veggie photo to bring you this adorable kitten! Nelson, one of the drivers at Landisdale Farm, found the kitten on the road on the way to our warehouse yesterday. And then somehow it ended up at my house, funny how that happens. Anyway, now the kitten is here at the office keeping us company today.   In other news, we are still waiting for the cauliflower to hit its peak and for brussels to start coming in! I know many of you are anxiously awaiting that crop (as are we) but the weather and conditions are just not cooperating!  


BROCCOLI: STILL GOING STRONG on broccoli. Need I say more? We are having a strong broccoli season, so keep on going with it. Your customers love broccoli, I’m sure!  

BUNCHED RADISHES: Jarrah Cernas at Chicano Sol has lots of lovely bunched radishes for Tuesday sales – white radishes and red, 12 ct. Lovely for whole root to stem use.  

TURNIPS: This underrated veggie is a fall and winter standby, and we’ve got growers eager to move them early. Versatile, mild, and easy to prep, check out some turnips for your order this week. Sweet white turnips and purple tops are especially abundant.  

BUTTERNUTS: Another old seasonal standby. I personally love roasted butternuts, simply prepped with olive oil and salt (and maybe some butter…). We have lots available so ask us about special bulk pricing, or if you need a particular size.

Posted 11/1/2016 12:46pm by Emily Best.

Each season seems to have its color: spring is green, summer… well, maybe summer is red like tomatoes, but fall – fall is definitely orange. From butternuts to carrots to the elusive turmeric to the fallen leaves, shades of orange illuminate the season.  Thanks to Chaia in DC for the wonderful image of our sweet potatoes.   Here’s a cranberry question: We normally are able to offer organic fresh cranberries in cases with 8 oz bags. This year, our cranberry supplier is only able to do 30 lb bulk bags, which we’ll be selling for $240. We have heard that it was a poor year for the cranberries, which is why they are at a higher price than in the past. Please let us know if you are interested in purchasing cranberries, and if so, how many cases you would want. We will be placing the order by early next week.  


BROCCOLI: STILL GOING STRONG on broccoli. Do your part. Eat some broccoli. I have been eating some every day! Roasted, steamed, soup, pizza – a versatile, delicious and healthy seasonal item! Contact us for special bulk pricing!  

JALAPENO &  POBLANO PEPPERS: Eric Lichty at Shoestring Acres still has lots of these peppers. Eventually, he won’t (although seems like these peppers are lasting forever, right!). We’re happy to offer these in 20 lb cases for those interested in a larger order.  

GARLIC: Red, white, and purple-striped garlic varieties are all still available! Support your local garlic grower!  

WILDFIRE BABY LETTUCE MIX: Lots of folks love our sweet & spicy mix but I want to give a shout to our wildfire mix – it’s a mild blend of red and green baby lettuces. Perfect for a quick salad base with a silky smooth and crunchy texture.

Posted 10/28/2016 12:07pm by Emily Best.

Last night was Trick or Treat in my town, so I rushed home from work and got out the candy stash. As a new homeowner, I’ve never actually been the one to hand out candy before and made a key amateur mistake: letting the kids pick out their own candy (some grabbed HANDFULS!!). But I learned fast and became stingy, just giving out one or two pieces tops. I noticed lots of kids dressed as Mario and Luigi..throwback costumes? One little girl was dressed as a Pokemon Go character, which she told me when I asked (I thought she was just a fox?).  

Anyway…we’ve reached peak fall – it’s almost November and we’ve filled our coolers with lots of winter squash and potatoes.  Please let us know if you are planning to place large orders of any items for Thanksgiving – Natalie is working on special pricing.  


CARNIVAL SQUASH:  Averaging a little over 1 lb, these beauties are a hybrid of acorn and sweet dumplings –perfect for single servings. And so cute and colorful!!  

TENDER YOUNG SPINACH: We’re finally seeing some spinach come in! Our tender young spinach is great for fresh eating or cooking.  

CELERIAC: We’re getting celeriac from a couple growers and one of them, New Morning Farm, had a big harvest this week. We’ll have this flavorful root veg all season long, as long as it lasts. Great for purees, soups, or roasts.

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