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Posted 5/6/2016 10:48am by Emily Best.

Last week I wrote about the cool wet weather and again today I must comment that it’s been cool and wet ALL week. And the forecast doesn’t look much better. It’s tough for the farmers when it’s this wet: spring time is when they’re out prepping their fields, but you can’t drive a tractor when your field is too wet. The lack of sunlight is also slowing down many hot items like asparagus. We know many of you weren’t able to get what you want this past week—it’s frustrating for all of us not to be able to supply the demand.

Monday will probably be the last day for Ramp availability – what a short season!


BRAISING GREENS: Not an especially sexy title but I highly recommend this greens mix. It’s a mix of young kales, chards and mustards. This item is coming from Eric Lichty, farmer at Shoestring Acres.

BABY MIZUNA: Spice things up with some baby mizuna coming from the Zooks at Country View Farm in Path Valley.

BASIL: We’re getting in enough basil to carry it now in 1 lb case, plus we’ve dropped the price!

BULK GREENS: We’ve got a few 5# kales on the list, plus we will have a few Sweet n Spicy’s we can order in 5# ($52.50). Please let us know!  

Posted 5/3/2016 11:33am by Emily Best.

Hello all! It’s Natalie again! It’s still rainy and cloudy here, and Shelly and I are having our third (yes third cup of coffee for the morning). This weather isn’t exactly motivating, but the rain certainly sounded nice tapping on my tin roof last night. We are all looking forward to the sunshine that will hopefully (fingers crossed!) be here Saturday. Due to several consecutive days of rain, ramp season will probably be shortened. We will have some for this Friday, and my suggestion would be to order them now if you want them!  


BULK GREENS: We are doing 5# cases of bulk greens again as listed below. Did I hear someone say kale??

  Baby Sweet n Spicy, $52.50

  Wildfire Lettuce Mix, $39.00

  Baby Green Kale, $52.50

  Baby Lacinato Kale, $52.50

  Baby Red Russian Kale, $52.50

WATERCRESS (wild): In the spirit of upcoming Mother’s Day, I have to give watercress a shout-out as it’s one of my mother’s favorites! She makes a mean watercress salad with toasted almonds and dried cranberries. Yuuum!

MAINE POTATOES: There are no more golds, but we still have russets and red potatoes on hand.

SPRING GARLIC: We have it bunched and bulk! It has a short season (only a couple of weeks left), so get it while you can!  


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida*Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware*Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania*Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA*Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida*Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT*Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts*Wood Prairie Farm Potatoes - ME *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania*Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 4/29/2016 12:31pm by Emily Best.

It’s been rainy, cloudy, and cool the last couple days and we’re looking at a wet weekend, too. Just warning you that we may see shortages on items like tomatoes and asparagus for this delivery as these items especially need the sun. Personally, though, I’m thankful for these wet days as the rain washes away all the pollen and my allergies get a bit of a rest!


BULK GREENS: We were really happy with the sales of our 5# bulk greens cases this past week. We will be offering a few more for Tuesday delivery, and will be doing even more for Friday. Please let us know ASAP if you are interested in these special order cases.

Here’s what we’ve got for Tuesday:

  • Baby Sweet n Spicy, $52.50
  • Wildfire Lettuce Mix, $39.00
  • Baby Green Kale, $52.50 – 4 available
  • Baby Lacinato Kale, $52.50 – 3 available

WILD THINGS: We’ve got pond-grown watercress, wild stinging nettles, and if we’re lucky, RAMPS coming in for Tuesday delivery. The ramps will depend on the weather – if it’s super muddy, I’m hearing that they won’t get harvested, so cross your fingers for a dry Saturday. Otherwise, we will have ramps for Friday!

MAINE POTATOES: Still have russets, reds and gold potatoes on hand. These will be our last potatoes until the new harvests during the summer!

Posted 4/26/2016 11:57am by Emily Best.

SALAD SEASON! Check out this list, guys. We have GREENS GALORE: baby kales, baby lettuce mixes, mesclun mixes, baby arugula, broccoli raab, bok choi, baby spinach, ETC! Hallelujah, spring has sprung!

It’s Election Day in PA (and MD) and while I won’t wax political in this space, I believe strongly in the responsibility to vote, so I was so excited this morning to vote for the first time in my new town in Fulton County.

News from the field: just heard the news from farmer Stevie Stoltzfus that his best plow horse just had a colt! Congrats, Steve!


Spring Garlic: We’ve got this spring delight in both BULK and BUNCHED cases. And now at a 3 case discount price!

Asparagus: FINALLY!  It’s here!

GREENS: Are you interested in bulk cases of some of our greens?  We are offering 5# cases of the following items: Baby Lacinato Kale Baby Green Kale Baby Sweet’n’Spicy Baby Mesclun Mix (tentative – coming from Amish grower) Baby Arugula (tentative—coming from Amish grower)  

These cases are $52.50 for 5#. If you’re interested in this fabulous deal, please let us know by 12 pm WEDNESDAY. These items won’t be on the list so please reach out to Emily, Natalie, or Tim with your orders. Thanks!

Posted 4/22/2016 11:53am by Emily Best.

CHECK OUT TODAY’S LIST! We’re so excited to FINALLY see some new items!  

What this means: Get your orders in EARLY. If we get your orders in early, we have more opportunities to increase orders with our growers if possible. Additionally, we’ll soon be working with growers’ schedules to keep our dock workers on task, working efficiently, and being sure to catch any quality control issues. So the earlier we know your orders, the sooner we can make any adjustments with the growers, and then they can still make their deliveries on time. Plus – when you order early, you’ll be better able to get what you want!

Also: we are more or less sold out of carrots, beets, and shallots! Thank you!


BABY ARUGULA:  I love the bright fresh kick of baby arugula, and it’s a green that’s best in the early spring or fall. Get creative-- try something a little different than a plain old salad/

ASPARAGUS: YAY! It’s true! It’s on the list! We’ve got it! But not a lot!

BASIL: Getting in more basil so it’s on a 3 case discount. We expect to see even more basil soon, and we’ll start selling it in larger packs and at a lower price.

WHITE HAMMON SWEET POTATOES: We’ll soon be out of these for the season. We’ve dropped the price per instructions from the grower, so get your fill of these sweets before they’re gone.


Reminder: Plant order deadline is MONDAY at 3 PM.


Posted 4/19/2016 11:43am by Emily Best.

Spring is finally here!  Everyone here at TOG got a little too much sun over the weekend, but it’s all good: if we’re getting sun, so are the plants!  If these warm days and nights keep going, we’ll be in full swing in no time. Shelly, our production coordinator, is taking a couple days to visit growers and check on their asparagus, rhubarb, strawberries, and other spring items. Hopefully she’ll get some snapshots that I can share with you!   We’re now seeing the end of our root crops, so bear with us during the next couple weeks as we wait for spring items to come on strong.  Everyone here at TOG is filled with anticipation to get this season rolling.  


SPRING GARLIC: Spring garlic, also called green garlic, is just garlic harvested early before it has a chance to form a bulb. It has a lovely garlicky flavor without being too strong, and a great sign that the growing season is on its way.

SHALLOTS: Getting towards the end of our shallots! It’s good timing, since we’re starting to see spring onions coming on now!

GREENS MIXES: Lots of mesclun and sweet n spicy mixes for sales this week! We will have some other greens available but not too much quantity of anything else. We’re hoping to start seeing more spinach, kales, and chards coming back on soon, alongside many other items. But for now: greens mixes!

ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: One of our orchardists is now making his own Apple Cider Vinegar! We have one case of 6 x ½ gallon bottles, but there’s more available. We also can get cases of 4 x 1 gallon bottles. It is filtered but still “active.” We’re excited to carry this new local product for our grower!

Posted 4/15/2016 10:23am by Emily Best.

The weather is finally agreeing with the season. It is spring, and it is actually feeling like spring! Wahoo! The crops have been pushed back by a couple of weeks due to the winter-like spell we had, but be patient because spring crops are starting to roll in! Pretty soon we will all be overwhelmed by greens and tomatoes and reminisce about the times we had Jerusalem artichokes (hint, hint, get them while you still can!). Just another reminder, we are running very low on most of our storage crops. We still have a lot of black Spanish radishes, purple radishes, green meat radishes, and sunchokes, though!


Basil: We will be getting a fair amount of basil in on Monday, and hot house tomatoes shouldn’t be too far away. I can taste the sauces now!

Potatoes: Red, gold, blue, russet! We have ‘em from Wood Prairie Farm in Bridgewater, Maine.

Sweet potatoes: We still have these and finger-sweets. It won’t be long until they’re gone too!

Jumbo shallots: We may be out of onions, but we still have these alliums!


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida*Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware *Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania*Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA *Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida*Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT      *Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts*Deep Root (DR)-Johnson, VT or Quebec, Canada *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania*Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 4/12/2016 11:19am by Emily Best.

Emily is out and about again this week, so I’ll be sending out the list. The shock of some recent winter weather has hopefully come and gone, but it has unfortunately left some growers in a tough spot. There is word from a local orchard that they are projecting a complete crop failure. They have posted on their Facebook page that they are hoping for a miracle, and we are too. On a lighter note, despite the winter blast, we still have some “springy” items on our list today- spring garlic, lettuce mixes, spinach. Just a heads up to everyone, we are starting to run low on some of our storage crops, particularly #1 carrots, beets, and parsnips. If you’re looking for these items, I’d suggest ordering them sooner rather than later!


Spring garlic: Yep, that’s right! We are pretty excited about this too.

Juice carrots: They might be ugly, but they still taste great! And better yet, we still have them! I just bought a case myself to stock up as the end of the crop is near.

Young Red Russian Kale: Over-wintered, tender, and sweet!

Jerusalem Artichokes: I saw a recipe for crispy Jerusalem artichokes with aged balsamic. Umm…yum!  


*Uncle Matt’s (UM) – Clermont, Florida*Spring Thyme Herbs (STH) – Hockessin, Delaware *Mushroom Specialties – West Grove, Pennsylvania*Kauffman’s Fruit Farm (KFF)-Bird In Hand, PA *Homestead Organic Farms (HOF) – Homestead, Florida*Foote Brook (FB)-Johnson, VT      *Cranberry Hill Farm (CHF) – Plymouth, Massachusetts*Deep Root (DR)-Johnson, VT or Quebec, Canada *Kiwi Korners – Danville, Pennsylvania*Porter Farm – Elba, New York

Posted 4/8/2016 12:13pm by Emily Best.

Imagine our surprise as snow flurries blasted into the region this morning… not cool, Mother Nature, not cool. Our growers must work extra hard to protect their new young crops which got a head-start a couple weeks ago when it was so warm. We’re particularly worried about the orchards in our area.

On that note, I want to remind everyone who has been ordering plants that these cold and windy conditions require treating the delicate seedlings with extra care and attention. If at all possible, keep your seedlings INDOORS overnight when it is below 40 degrees and windy. If you can’t keep them indoors, PLEASE be sure to cover the plants with a sheet or plastic tarp to protect them from the wind and the worst of the cold. Additionally, keep an eye on the moisture level – generally you can water a little bit less when the weather is cold and dark, but windy conditions can cause plants to dry out. If you have any questions about caretaking of your plants, please feel free to contact us in the office. 


POTATOES: We heard about a grower in Maine, Jim Gerritsen at Wood Prairie Farm, who needed to move some potatoes, so we jumped at the opportunity. We will have GOLD and (a few) RUSSET potatoes available for delivery on Tuesday, with more varieties coming later. We know that many of our gold potatoes earlier this year had issues with the hollow heart, but we guarantee that these do not suffer that problem. Additionally: we know these are a “regional” product vs a “local” one, but we feel that at this time of year, if we need to go a bit farther afield to keep the list full and varied. These are NOT new potatoes, btw: they are fall harvest.

KALE: Greens are a bit skimpy today due to the cold temps, but we will have some kale. I made a stew last night with red lentils, carrots, and kale to mix up my usual salad routine, and I was pleasantly reminded how tasty kale can be!

WINTER ROOTS: Before things warm up for good! We’ve still got parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes, winter radishes, and rutabagas! Make those soups, stews and roasts before it’s too hot to cook!

Posted 4/5/2016 12:39pm by Emily Best.

Is it really spring? We’re all in sweaters and winter boots out here. Our farmers have all tucked in their baby plants in the field with row cover to protect them from frost. A couple of the growers up in the mountains actually saw SNOW this weekend. WHAT.

Lots of new stuff popping up on the list: bok choi, turnip greens, green garlic, more herbs, and scallions.

I had a great conference in Atlanta – met so many amazing folks working in local food. Thought a lot about the value proposition behind many of our operations, what it is we do and why we do it. Still thinking about that, actually. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts!


BABY RED BEETS: Great time to get these adorable beets (also, soon there will be new beets and no one will want the old).

BABY LETTUCE HEADS: Not too many of these on the list but it’s the first lettuce of the spring!

BABY MIXED COLOR CARROTS: Getting to the end of these cuties until new harvest! BABY

RUTABAGAS: Any takers? J

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