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Posted 3/1/2016 11:54am by Emily Best.

Wow, after the past few warm days it’s hard to believe that it’s only March 1! There’s no snow on the ground, the sky is blue, and the ground is slowly thawing. I can see the New Morning Farm hens outside exploring their yard, eating up all the bugs. And soon, our farmers will be back out in the field.

The list is looking great right now for our Friday deliveries. As I expected, we’re getting in a flush of baby greens: arugula, chard, mesclun, sweet n spicy, spinach, etc. PLUS! Lots of MICROGREENS!

In co-op news, we have our second Crop Improvement meeting of the season on Thursday. We’re meeting at Bending Bridge Farm, where young farmers Cameron and Audrey grow for their CSA and markets. They also grow those super cute Fairy Tale Eggplants you’ll see on the list in late summer. We have an exciting agenda for this meeting: food safety with the whole group, then breakout groups to discuss crops of interest, like alliums, brassicas, and cucurbits.

Highlights: Weirdo Crops!

Yacon: Have you tried yacon? Originating in Peru, yacon is similar to jicama or water chestnut in flavor and texture (aka it’s crunchy and mild with an earthy sweetness). It’s known as the “Peruvian Ground Apple,” which is sort of strange to think about, especially if you know that the potato is known as the ground apple in French (pomme de terre) and potatoes come from Peru, but anyway… Our yacon is grown by Gerald Smith in Bedford County, and we definitely think it’s worth trying!

Burdock: Popular in East Asia, burdock is another root vegetable that needs some love. Grown by Rufus Stoltzfus of Sunny Meadow Farm in Path Valley, burdock can be braised with carrots, juiced, or pickled. We’ve got a few cases on hand but if you’re interested in a bigger order, we’ll need a few days heads up as Rufus doesn’t have a phone!

Baby Mustard Greens: Super tender and flavorful, our baby mustard greens can be a part of a fresh, bright salad, or sauté for quick side dish. This week, the mustards are coming from Elim and Sarah Beiler of Breezy Hill Farm.

Posted 2/26/2016 10:57am by Emily Best.

LATE ADDITION to the list: PURPLE HAZE CARROTS, 10#, $25!!!!


As February comes to a close, the snow is melting and the creek is running high. We’re hearing rumors that there might soon be basil coming in from one of our growers…could winter really be coming to an end? We shall see…At least this weekend will be warm! Looks like Saturday will be a great day for the Rooting DC event—if only we were a bit closer, have been meaning to check out that event.

Meanwhile, we’ve still got lots of wonderful root crops to sell. Check out purple radishes coming from Country View Farm, so lovely on the inside. We’ve also got lots of classics left: red French shallots, orange carrots, red beets. Our greens availability took a bit of a dive this week with the cloudy wet weather we’ve been seeing, so while the list is short for Tuesday, we’re hoping this warm weather encourages growth for Friday deliveries.


GREENS: Few cases here, few cases there this week. Chards are the most abundant. Baby Tres Fine Frisee Endive is back, and got in a few baby green kale.

HERBS: we’re seeing a decent supply of Rosemary, Cilantro, Spearmint…more herbs will be appearing soon. Think about pairing your carrots and beets with some fresh herbs, a wonderful way to perk up a winter dish!

RED FRENCH SHALLOTS: Our shallots come from Mark Stanley at Help from Above Farm, and he’s got them in ideal storage conditions, so they are still at peak quality, even at the end of winter.

Posted 2/23/2016 10:54am by Emily Best.

We’ve all been watching the slow arrival of spring: the snow melting outside the windows, the sun staying up past 5 pm, and our lane developing the WORST POTHOLES you’ve ever experienced in your life. Another sign of spring: greens! Plants need a minimum amount of daylight to be productive, and we’re finally getting back to that time of year. Not promising anything but I think it’s likely we’ll have greens on the list each week from now on.

We’ve got claytonia back on the list, coming from Micah Schonberg and Bethany Spichler at Plowshare Produce in Huntingdon, PA. Claytonia is also known as “miner’s lettuce,” and is native to CA. It has a mild flavor and a delicate crunch so mix into a salad or use it to brighten your plate.


GREENS: order early! Can’t tell you this often enough. While we’ve got more greens, it’s still not an unlimited amount so to get what you want, order today or tomorrow!! Don’t wait til Thursday at 10 am to order your spinach!

SWEET POTATOES: @Food52 posted a photo of sweet potato waffles this morning and I’m just dreaming of how beautiful and delicious those waffles would be using our purple sweet potatoes… or regular orange. Just…sweet potato waffles. Wow.

CARROTS: I commend you all for your enthusiasm in purchasing maroon carrots…now show some love to our baby carrots. We’ve got baby maroon, baby orange, and baby mixed colors, and like all babies, they are cute!

Posted 2/19/2016 11:58am by Emily Best.

Natalie, Shelly and I went out to Path Valley yesterday afternoon for the first of our two annual crop improvement meetings. Yesterday’s meeting was focused more on hearing from our growers, some of their frustrations and suggestions and ideas for the future. Our co-op has a long history and has been growing, especially over the past handful of years. It’s harder to hear everyone’s voice when there are 45+ member growers compared to a dozen growers. It takes more time, and not everyone wants to speak up at first. So it’s a process. The meeting had a great turnout and our conversation was productive. We all left feeling upbeat and accomplished, and have heard from a couple participants that they felt the same way. We all have the same bottom line here at TOG: sell more organic, local produce. Sometimes we might disagree about the best way to do it, but in the end, we want our farmers to keep farming.

GREENS: Order early, a short list this week. Good week to buy some baby spinach!

RADISHES: Noticed a lot of Watermelon Radishes on IG this week! They’re so beautiful. So are the purple radishes! Gotta admit though: when we order big quantities of radishes from Country View Farm, farmer Lydia Zook makes us a big batch of homemade donuts…

MIXED CASES: We’ve got a good quantity of mixed beets, mixed color carrots, and mixed winter radishes. Get some variety and color on your plates.

Posted 2/16/2016 1:18pm by Emily Best.

Our drivers have started to return home after last night’s messy deliveries. We hope you stayed safe!

I was disappointed to miss the Arcadia Speed Sourcing Happy Hour on Monday but hopefully it is rescheduled soon!

We’re having one of two annual crop improvement meetings on Thursday, at Sunny Ridge Farm in Path Valley. I’m looking forward to talking with our growers to learn more about their growing practices and challenges.

Back on the list: Cabbage (Green + Red), Onions (Yellow + Red), Citrus (grapefruit, tangelos, oranges)

Limited availability: Napa Cabbage, Oriental Purple Sweet Potato, Deep Purple Carrots

Winter Greens: a good variety this week but nothing in huge quantities so, as usual, order early!

Posted 2/12/2016 11:32am by Emily Best.

Many of you ordered early this week: THANK YOU! It helps us fill orders and you’re more likely to get what you want. Especially this time of year when we may have limited availability.

Will you be at the Arcadia Farmer-Chef Speed Sourcing event on Monday evening? I’ll be there! Hope to meet some of you!

GREENS: More greens are coming in for Tuesday delivery: baby arugula, sweet n spicy, baby lacinato kale, chard, baby spinach.

MAROON CARROTS: dropped the price on 10# cases. If you’re interested a large order of these lovely roots, we can pack them in 25# cases at a truly unbelievable low price!

GARLIC: Just got in few packs of beautiful white garlic. Buy local garlic!

Shortages: cabbage and onions will be back for Friday delivery. Starting to run low on celeriac.

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